Fillings are cavity repair treatments that must always be done before the decay reaches the pulp tissue and leads to unwanted symptoms.
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There are many factors that contribute to the disease of tooth decay, which destroys the tissue of the toothas a result of demineralisation caused by the acids generated by bacterial plaque. Bacteria make that acid from remains of food that they are exposed to. The chemical destruction of teeth is associated with the ingestion of sugars and acids contained in food and drink. Tooth decay is also related to errors in cleaning techniques and unsuitable toothpastes, insufficient brushing or not knowing how to use mouthwash properly and lack of flossing. It also has a genetic component. It has also been proven that the pH of saliva influences tooth decay.

After destroying the enamel, it attacks the dentine and reaches the dental pulp, causing swelling, pulpitis, and subsequent necrosis (pulp death). If the tooth is not treated it can subsequently lead to inflammation of the area surrounding the apex (end of the root) producing an apical periodontitis, which can cause a dental abscess (phlegmon).


  • Fillings consist of cleaning out the cavity resulting from tooth decay before filling it with our latest generation composites. This process restores the dental anatomy for good appearance, function, chewing and occlusion of the teeth with their antagonists, and achieves a good seal to prevent the cavity from reoccurring.
  • – A filling is therefore a cavity repair treatment and must always be performed before the decay invades the pulp tissue and leads to unwanted symptoms. It also forms part of a lot of restoration work after root canal treatments. Therefore, depending on the extent and anatomy of cavities, we may use simple fillings that only cover one face or surface of the tooth, or we may carry out dental reconstructions to repair a large part of the tooth.
Cavities, the solution at Roca Santiago Dental Clinic



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