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The Roca Santiago Dental Clinic, led by Dr. Manuel Roca Santiago. Following many years of training (a degree followed by different postgraduate degrees) and full dedication to his dental clinic, on his tenth anniversary as a practitioner her decided to commit to a New Dentistry Concept.

The Roca Santiago Dental Clinic is reinventing itself, based on everything learned over the past 10 years that have brought us here, such as individual, friendly and personalised service along with a commitment to meeting the patient’s expectations. We have formed a highly qualified team of physicians to cover all dental specialities and we have brought in the newest technologies in the oral health sector to offer the highest quality treatment to our patients.


From the moment you enter our clinic we listen to your needs and concerns. From there we will begin a new cycle so that you can recover your trust and enjoy your new treatment.


The best medical team and the best materials go hand in hand with the most advanced technology. The combination of these 3 factors is perceivable as soon as you enter the dental clinic. We have technological resources that allow us to explain the importance of the treatment to the patient, and we can even display their condition on a screen. (3D, intraoral scanner, intraoral camera, photographic records, explanatory videos…)


We only treat the patient’s real problems. We don’t offset low prices with unnecessary dental treatments.


Both clinical and laboratory materials are of the highest quality. We can’t conceive of making money by using generic brands. We always seek the best solution for the patient. Insert values such as duration, quality, resistance, biocompatibility, etc, which lie at the core of our protocols.

At the end of your dental treatment we will provide you with quality certificates of the materials used, thereby guaranteeing compliance with Royal Decree 1591/2009 on health products.


Our prevention departmentis in charge of keeping track of your family’s dental check-up schedule, so you don’t have to worry and to allow any small anomalies to be detected. We give you the information you need to look after your oral health, and that of your family.


Our facilities, equipment and professionals provide you with a comprehensive and coordinated solution. We work with all dental specialities, allowing us to carry out all of the treatment at the same dental clinic.


We have a team of highly qualified professionals.

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Clinica Dental Roca Santiago Equipo
  • Holder of a degree in general dentistry from Alfonso X El Sabio since 2005 .
  • Expert in implantology from the University of Seville.
  • Expert in implantology from the University of Malaga.
  • Master’s degree in Implantology and Periodontics from the UMA.
  • Associate professor of cadaver surgery courses at the Eckermann Uic.
  • Several articles published in national dental journals.
  • Numerous refresher courses on dental aesthetics, minimally invasive ceramic veneers, and smile design.
Dr. Manuel Roca Santiago

Dentist and Dr. of the Clinic

Dra. Lorena Mendiondo

General Dentist and Paediatric Dentistry, With a great ability for work, she performs conservation dentistry in adults and children effectively, cleanly and without causing the patient any stress or anxiety.

Lorena Capilla

Orthodontics for children and adults, Supported by extensive experience and unique patient care. With her, your orthodontic treatment will follow the most comfortable and effective route and she will clear up any doubts that you may have during the treatment.

Patricia Pérez

Reception / Administration., Attending to the general public is her best quality, as well as sorting out any administrative arrangements inside the clinic or for patients in record time.

María José

Assistant and hygienist, She has perfect knowledge of running a clinic and meticulously keeps control over all of the material. She has an outstanding ability to manage all of the surgery and laboratory material and nobody knows as much about planning as she does.


Assistant and hygienist, Belén is a person who is very committed to patients. She is who looks after your check-ups and prevention. She is also the clinic’s internal coordinator, so she every detail of your phase of treatment at any given time.



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